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[Money Monster] ASEAN-ROK Startup EXPO, ComeUp 2019

ASEAN-ROK Startup EXPO, ComeUp 2019 (2019 -아세안 스타트업엑스포, ComeUp) The 2019 ASEAN-Republic of KOREA Commemorative Summit was held in Busan, from November 25 to 26 in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the dialogue partnership between Korea and ASEAN. ASEAN-ROK Startup EXPO, ComeUp 2019, which can help the startups of Korea and ASEAN broaden their distribution network, was also held during the summit. And it is expected to accelerate the growth of businesses, aside from the diplomatic field. The event was organized by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups as well as Korea SMEs and Startups Agency. And it aims to boost the globalization of Korean startup businesses. A talks concert was held during the event and it has provided information on startups and contributed to enhancing the capabilities of startup companies. The unicorn companies of Korea and ASEAN shared their success stories with the audience. Also, a mentoring service was provided by unicorn companies and global investors in order to support the expansion of distribution network through IR pitching and help startups gain ground in the global market. Moreover, an event was held to introduce Korean companies which have achieved innovative growth by cooperating with ASEAN countries. We explore ASEAN-ROK Startup EXPO, ComeUp 2019, which was held to accelerate mutual growth between Korean and ASEAN and to better cope with the rapidly changing economic environment.


By Arirang TV 2019.11.28



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