혁신적인 기술을 선도하는 스마트 컨버전스 분야의 리더로서 더 나은 미래를 만듭니다


Automotive Electrontics

Kyungwoo Systech has been developing, manufacturing and providing ICT-based automotive electronics solutions for construction equipment, industrial vehicles, and electronic vehicles since founded in 1999. We are the first in South Korea to develop and mass-produce a native Android O/S based digital dashboard cluster and smart-key system for construction equipment. We also offer a wide range of automotive electronics solutions including machine control units for industrial vehicles, transmission control units and etc.

Electronic Instrument Cluster

An electronic instrument cluster (EIC) so called ‘digital dashboard’ is a system that displays information in digital readout value instead of traditional analog gauges including speedometers. Kyungwoo Systech has been developing and supplying EIC for TFT-LCD, touch screen, Android OS based construction equipment for the first time in South Korea.

Smart Key System

A smart-key system is an electronic access system that locks, unlocks and starts a vehicle by bidirectional wireless communication between a key fob and a receiver module without any mechanical key. Kyungwoo Systech develops and mass-produces a smart-key solution for construction equipment including a key fob and receiver module for keyless-entry and keyless-go based on the wireless communication technology.

Transmission Control Unit

A transmission control unit (TCU) is a device that controls the electronically controlled transmission. It calculates and controls how and when to switch the gear of the vehicle for optimal performance, fuel efficiency and shifting quality based on the data provided by sensors and engine control devices. Kyungwoo Systech develops and supplies TCUs for the small-mid size of forklifts and tractors.


Launching the proprietary brand for industrial safety ‘KIGIS® Safety Technology’, Kyungwoo Systech is leading the way to make a safer workplace and the era of Safety 4.0 with the innovative technology of Industry 4.0. We develop and provide various safety solutions such as Intelligent Proximity Alert System (IPAS) based on ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless technology, Real-time Indoor Location system (RTLS) and near-field LiDAR/Radar system. We are striving to realize the value of ‘Work Safe, Thank Safe, Home Safe’.

Intelligent Proximity Alert System

Intelligent Proximity Alert System (IPAS) is designed to reduce the risk of collision accidents between pedestrians and moving vehicles in the workplace. IPAS uses the cutting-edge Ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to precisely measure the distance between vehicles and pedestrians with accuracy in tens of centimeters and provides a highly reliable collision warning. Many workplaces around the world are building a safe working environment through our IPAS.


The concept of ‘Safety-as-a-Service’ is the servitization of safety-related technologies and services to prevent safety accidents. Kyungwoo Systech is committed to providing our customers with the value of ‘zero accidents’ by offering our products and services which can continuously monitor and manage workplaces through a new concept ‘SaaS’.

Light Detection and Ranging

LiDAR is a technology that measures distance to a target by illuminating the target with laser light and measuring the reflected light with a sensor. Not only can LiDAR measure the distance between objects, but also modelings surrounding objects and geographic features in 3D images. Kyungwoo Systech is developing a compact LiDAR system for industrial vehicles to precisely detect human and obstacle in a hectic environment.

Connectivity & Telematics

Kyungwoo Systech is creating a smart mobility world that solves future urban problems with various connectivity technologies. We also provide various telematics solutions optimized for smart city, smart construction and smart factory based on the edge computing-based IoT gateway and GIS platform technology.

Connected Mobility Solution

Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) describes a paradigm shift from personally-owned transportation toward mobility solution that is consumed as a service. In the new era of mobility services, the connectivity solutions to support MaaS is the key element to fulfill the service objective. Kyungwoo Systech’s K-CMS provides a variety of telematics solutions for future connected mobility services based on 4G/5G connectivity technology.

Light-weight Edge Gateway Solution

Edge computing is a distributed computing technology that brings computation and data storage closer to the location where the data is collected to improve response time and save bandwidth, unlike cloud computing that the centralized server processes most of the data. Kyungwoo Systech’s Lightweight Edge Gateway (LEG) provides an efficient solution for a sustainable smart city with an edge gateway technology that can collect sensor data including wireless and wired camera and perform real-time machine learning inference.

Integrated Monitoring Solution

Internet of things (IoT) technology can create new services by connecting tangible and intangible objects in various ways. Kyungwoo Systech’s Integrated Monitoring System (IMS) can deliver a variety of new values to customers with our IoT technology and advanced data collection/analysis platform.