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Top 10 wireless tech solutions companies by APAC CIO Outlook Magazine





Kyungwoo Systech specialized in safety solution has been selected as the ‘Top 10 companies of the forefront of providing Wireless Tech solutions and impacting the APAC industry’ by APAC CIO Outlook Magazine.

APAC CIO Outlook is a professional IT magazine for IT policy makers and decision makers such as CIO and CTO. The magazine selects the best solution providers in the wireless communication field every year. Kyungwoo Systech developed IPAS, Ultra-wideband Technology based industrial safety solution and plays a part in reducing industrial accidents by supplying to more than 13 countries around the world including South Korea.

Moreover, Kyungwoo Systech has been developing a solution for social and physical distancing to build a safe working environment in order to deal with coronavirus that has recently caused a pandemic around the world. The application of this solution has been reviewed by numerous companies.

2020 is the year for Kyungwoo Systech to prepare the exchange of diverse technology and consultative group for 'Safety 4.0' which represents the innovation in industrial safety sector through the various technologies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution such as wireless communication, IoT, and AI.

We highly appreciate our partners, executives and employees to join our moves toward social evolution based on technology.













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